Social Media Marketing

Social media is a preloaded platform that puts your brand on the roadmap for the future. With the right techniques and the right aids by your side, social media is a great way to boost your sales and optimise your brand value.

Social media platforms are rapidly growing as more users creating and managing their accounts on these channels. Hence marketers are targeting these channels to attract more relevant audiences towards their businesses. Being a popular social media marketing agency in Pune, Covenant Solutions offers the most affordable as well as game-changing services with a deep understanding of quality content.

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Ever since people started exploring Instagram and Facebook, social media marketing has been on an unprecedented rise. At Covenant Solutions, we make sure that we market your brand on the social media platform in a way that it garners both attention and traction. With our team of social media marketing expert guiding you every step of the way, we will help you leverage the power of the social media to put your brand on the market like never before. Be it monitoring your brand with regards to your online presence, or creating a killer tailor-made social media strategy, leave your woes to us and let us take the wheel.

Benefits Of Hiring Us as Your Social Media Marketing Partner

It is no news that digital marketing has become an invaluable asset to businesses these days. Amongst all its verticals, social media marketing has picked up pace only recently and has become and ignorable faucet of leads. It has become one of the best ways to build a strong customer base, especially if your business is new. To put things in perspective, here are a few benefits attached to hiring us as your social media marketing partner:

  • Growing brand awareness
  • Increasing traffic on your website
  • Promoting your products and services
  • Optimising your reach
  • More inbound traffic
  • Increasing conversion and sales
  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Improved brand authority and loyalty
  • Immense exposure
  • Quality Leads
  • Access to all a wide variety of user groups
  • Free posting and marketing
  • Best possible usage of financial resources

If you want to take your business to the next level, social media marketing is the right place to start.

Our High Quality and Effective SMM Services

Marketing is everywhere. From small local services to huge corporate conglomerates, more and more businesses are coming on board to create a strong digital imprint. Customers too are looking for an easier way to reach the brand. They want everything on their fingertips and with increasing demands and decreasing attention span, it is important that brands capture their attention the right way.

This is where we come into the picture with our expert social media marketing services. Let’s give you glimpse of what we’re talking about here:

Social Media Marketing

1. FaceBook & LinkedIn Marketing

Targeting these huge social media platforms to attract businesses as well as audiences with relevant posts.

2. Pinterest & Instagram Marketing

Sharing quality images and visual content on these crowded applications to engage audiences.

3. SMM Campaign Management

Our team of experts consistently maintains the campaign’s performance for quick outcomes

4. Creating & Sharing Quality Content

We believe in implementing quality, and hence we build user-responsive images, videos, and other posts.

5. Profile optimization & Management

We maintain the relevancy of your social media profiles and optimize them consistently.

6. Performance Analysis & Tracking

Our team consistently track the performance of SMM campaigns and improvise the services.

Other Social Media Marketing Services We Offer

• Campaign and Community Management

Every social media platform comes with its own set of requirements. At Covenant Solutions we understand these platforms and help you every step of the way while establishing your unique social media community.

• Channel Specific Campaigns

We don’t just jump into producing campaigns for you. We conduct a thorough research into what platform will suit your brand the most and the approach we need to take to create a winning campaign.

• Socail Media Content Creation

Content is the key to creating a cross-platform engagement. What works on Instagram might not be relevant for Twitter and vice versa. Some platforms are picture heavy while others are content heavy. Each of these aspects are considered while working on your social media strategy.

• Brand Positioning and Monitoring

We create smart social media marketing strategies that are specific to your brand. While positioning your brand on social media platforms it is imperative that you understand your target customers and your niche. We take all these points into account while producing a data-driven social strategy for you.

• Social Media Profile Creation and Management

Creating a winning profile is the first step in bosting your social media image. From creating custom profile pictures to drafting a profile bio to improve your brand awareness, our dedicated social media specialist team will work tirelessly to optimise your brand image.

• Reputation Management

Brand reputation analysis helps you understand the way customers on social media are receiving your brand. This in turn aids in modifying our strategies to suit the current market landscape.

• In-depth Competitor Analysis

Receive insight into what your competitors are doing, their campaigns and their strategies. This will help you in staying abreast with their strong pints, weaknesses and opportunities that you can tap into.

Quick FAQs Regarding Our Social Media Services

1. What are the Types of Social Media Marketing that We Cater To?

Every platform works in a different way and we know exactly how to manoeuvre through each of these platforms. Form social networking on Instagram to microblogging on Twitter and Tumbler, we believe in cross-platform promotions for your brand.

2. How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

In times like ours, it’s a necessity to stay online and stay connected with the latest trends in the market. Social media marketing helps you do exactly that. It helps you build an online presence that is powerful and most importantly keeps you in the presence of a potential customer.

3. How Does Social Media Marketing Help Your Business?

Social media marketing widens the scope of your business by helping you reach a larger audience. Customer attention span is reducing, and they are constantly looking for something that instantly clicks with them. Positioning your brand on social media platforms is the ultimate way to achieve better visibility and conversion rates.

4. What is the Role of a Social Media Marketing Agency?

A well-equipped social media marketing agency such as Covenant Solution will help you create a workable campaign that will initiate a new high in your sales and will help you build a loyal customer base.

5. Which Social Media Platform Works the Best?

A lot of factors go into choosing the correct platform to promote your brand. Instagram algorithms are wired in a way where you need to come up witty posts almost every two hours to keep the engagement going. On the other hand, LinkedIn will need you to post one beneficial post per day to keep your followers engaged. With a team of experts by our side, we manufacture platform-based campaigns that understand these algorithms and creates engagement accordingly.

6. What is Influencer Marketing?

In Influencer Marketing, instead of approaching social media directly, the brand ropes in a social media influencer to promote their business. They come up with a budget and a list of products they want to showcase through these influencers. This is one of the most followed ways of advertising these days because almost everyone follows these influencers on social media, and they have a knack for engaging customers and garnering attention.

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With the help of experts, we believe in deploying the most result-oriented social media marketing services that can bring immense success through social media platforms. With core expertise in this type of marketing, we focus on delivering a lot of successful responses from the target audiences. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. – We cover all the major platforms for the marketing of your brand.

With a high client retention rate, Covenant Solutions is a trusted name for social media marketing services in and around Pune. Our industry-leading brand solutions, unmatched experience and tangible results are what sets us apart from our competitors. Transform your brand today and get in touch with us on +919860492231 or drop us a mail on