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In this today’s competitive world, online visibility that is a good website is the key marketing strategy that enhances your brand image among your potential clients, It is important for any company to have a good user-friendly website for the customer as a website is the first step towards marketing your brand to the world. In simple words, your website defines your company and it is very much futile for the company of your website is not on the top of the search result.

To reach the ultimate goal of landing on the first page of Google, you don’t need to be an SEO master or an accomplished advertiser. You simply need to utilize the correct mix of various components and work your way to the top of the result. In this blog, we have given some important heads up that can help you achieve a good page ranking.

1. Blogging is the Key

Writing a blog is the most essay and essential way to improve the search ranking of your website. Because writing a blog for your website not only amp up your keyword search result but also accomplished you as a specialist in the field. Writing a blog related to your product & services, also answering the queries of the customer will help you to build a solid relationship with your existing customer as well as a potential customer.

2. Content is King

Nowadays content becomes an integral part of the success of an organization, the more your content is new and unique the more it will be impactful. So it’s a basic and important rule of any marketer to create relevant content according to their product and services. Blogging is the best way to write your unique and relevant content as it will not only increase traffic for your website but also boost engagement. And this will subsequently amp up your brand’s online presence and help you reach more customers.

3. User Friendly

The utmost purpose of any company to have a website is to get maximum traffic (Customer) on their website, So it is important for the company to have a website that is user friendly and easy to access. Many times a company has really good content, an eye-catchy designed but they still don’t get their desired traffic. So as a company you should always remember you are creating the website for the users, the more you keep it user-friendly the more you will receive good traffic.

4. Be Analytical

To make sure if you are on the right path, a company should have a matrix to know and understand the performance of the site. For this Google Analytics plays a really important role as it will give you detailed information about the traffic your website is getting, the accurate data of your visitors, the duration of time they spend on your website on which page, the bounce rate. After analyzing this you can make all the necessary changes in order to get your desired result.

5. Use of Social Media

Social media presence has become very essential for any business. With the emergence of smartphones and technology, any customer is one click away to visit your website or any of your social media pages. So make sure that all your social media pages are updated with all the necessary information about the product and services your businesses offer. As nowadays it has become a habit of customers to check the website and social media accounts of products and services they are going to purchase.

6. Internal and External linking

There are two factors that google considers for the ranking, one is the bounce rate and the other is the average time spent on your site. It is essential to do an internal linking optimization to increase the traffic and ranking of the website. Link the related keywords as anchor text to the relevant target page. One thing you should always remember that avoid linking the main keywords as it can lead to keyword cannibalization which results in poor ranking. You can also add authoritative external links wherever is necessary as it will add credibility to your site.


If a company wants to stay ahead in the competition they should more concentrate on improving the performance of their site by following the above points also keep an eye on new innovations as well. You can also take the help of expert companies like Covenant Solutions for this task, as these companies are aware of all these things and help you achieve your desire goals.

  • Aditya Kulkarni | Covenant Solutions

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