Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

As the world is becoming digitalized so every company is very much focusing on their digital marketing. Digital marketing is very immense techniques which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Automation, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Pay Per Click, Display Ads etc. Digital marketing is not about selling your product or services it’s a source of entertainment, news, interacting with the customer, taking their feedback and making them engage with your product and services.

Digital marketing

Now the question is why SEO is important when you companies can achieve their goals by using Pay Per Click (PPC) technique. Yes, this is true nowadays every company using PPC to get for customer attention but at the same time, PPC is very costly for companies. They have to invest a heavy amount of money in it and also this technique useful for a short period of time. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is the most cost-effective technique which can be useful for a longer period of time. So this thing may not give you results immediately as PPC but certainly will help your business in the long run and success. It will also raise the profile and credibility of your business.

Among all above aspect of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is a very essential part of Digital Marketing. SEO help to improve the visibility of your website as well it’s ranking and keeps you above your competitors. It increases website visibility, user traffic, conversion rate and ROI. A good ranking has always been helpful to seek more attention from people. All this ranking is based on logic by Google which uses to rank the website.

Following are the few factors which will make you understand the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing.

1. SEO helps business Visibility and Branding

Now day’s every company’s prime objective is to earn more profits compares to their competitors and to have maximum customer retention. But for that, they need to the updated customer about their product & services from time to time. Whenever customer searches online for any product and services, every company wants their name to show at the top of the page of Google, Bing or any other search engines. Because SEO ranking is very essential than just trying to get people to click on your website and make a purchase.

SEO will not only help you to increase your website ranking but it will also helpful for the branding of your business. Like for example if someone searching for the option “Nike Sports Shoes” that person will search until he finds his desired result. While doing this process he also can see the product range of your other products as well. This result in more brand awareness about your product and services to the customer.

2. It is Cost-effective

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for the business because it helps to target the right customer who is looking for your product or services online. As SEO works organically so it does not cost anything and help business to save their money. SEO also helps to get more traffic to your website, the more traffic you get the more customer are interested in your product and services. That’s the reason why most of the companies are more focusing to make SEO is based website so that they will get more visible on google page ranking and will get more visits from the customer.

3. SEO Help to get customer insight

Customer insight has always been essential for any organization. Basically, it will help companies to understand the interest level of the customer. Nowadays customer retention is very important for any organization and for that reason you need to aware of customer’s feedback. That’s why every company today trying to engage customers so that they can get to know about their preferences. Social Media and blogging play a vital role for taking the feedback of customer because today each and every company have a presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram so the customer can directly go on this social networking style and express their opinion about the product and services. Same goes with the blogging as well where at the end you can leave the comment section where you readers can write a review about that particular blog.

Digital marketing

4. Brand Awareness 

Nowadays google ranking of any company is essential for their existence. Every company wants its product & services as a brand in eyes of the customer. SEO plays a very important role in brand awareness as it helps you to get in the top ranking of Google and as we know top position rankings result in significant impressions, having your website on top position results in more traffic to your website and ultimately it also helps to create brand awareness among the customers.

I hope this blog has given you some idea of how important role SEO plays in the digital marketing and success of any website.

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