Keyword Match Types In Adword Campaign

Keywords are the phrases/words that someone use when they’re finding something on internet.  keywords are the significant part of digital marketing for any queries users search terms on search engines like on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…it could be anything from services to a specific product or place. Keywords are the core of digital marketing. Without understanding keywords you cannot successfully run your digital marketing campaign.

A proper digital marketing campaign help your website to be ranked higher on search engine and thus help your business to grow. Before setting up your Adwords campaign you need to know about match type keywords in details and how to use them carefully.

Choosing a right keyword match type can give you more accurate result, but if you choose the wrong match type keyword you may lose your important leads or you might reach to fewer customers or like you are investing a good budget to Google but still, you are not having the success

So there is 5 match types keyword you can use on your ad campaign. These are as follows:

  • Exact match type
  • Phrase match type
  • Broad type
  • Modified Broad type
  • Negative type

Exact match type
In Exact match type keyword, people may only see your ad when they type an exact search term in the search engine. If someone uses any synonym or any similar word or any extra word with it, Google may not show your ad to them. However, the traffic you generate from this keyword is easier and more likely to be converted.

Because you are using the exact match keyword, you may receive less traffic than broad match & phrase match keyword. But you can overcome this problem by adding more relevant exact match keyword to your ad campaign. Chances of conversion are high even if the traffic is low on your campaign. Because Google may consider close variants for it like misspellings, singular or plural forms, abbreviations.

Following way you can use exact match keyword.

Put your keyword in square bracket [keyword] to designate it as exact match keyword.
Example: [content writing service] the ad will only appear when someone uses the same keyword content writing service. If the user only put writing service, the ad will not appear, it has to be the essay writing service.

Phrase match type:

Phrase type keywords are little broader than exact match type. The Phrase match gives you more flexibility in terms of getting visitors to your website. To use a phrase match keyword type we have to use double quotation (“ ”) marks for denoting the keyword

In this type, Google may show your ad to someone even if he put some other words before or after your keyword. It also considers the close variant of it, close variants include misspellings, singular and plural words, stemming (such as study and studying) and abbreviations

Put your keyword within double comma “Keyword” to denote it as phrase match keyword

For example:Digital marketing agencyIf someone search for this term ‘the best digital marketing agency in Pune’ then Google may show our ad here because we denote this keyword as phrase match type. So it’s doesn’t matter if someone uses another keyword with it because above keyword is matching with your phrase match type.

Broad match keyword
by default, all your keywords are assigned as Broad match keywords if you don’t specify another match type to it. The broad match keyword triggers your ad even if user search for relevant variations of your keyword. Google may run your ads on keyword synonyms including singular, plural forms, misspelling and related searches.

The Broad match keyword can give you more traffic than any other match type. But the chances are you may receive low conversion as this will not provide you the valid leads compared to exact match and phrase match types.

This match type provides you the widest reach to your audience possible. Most of the time people don’t specify what they are searching for on the search engine; many people end up typing the broad match keyword for their search.

For example: Best website designing agency in Kondhwa So here even if someone search for this term so google may show ads which is relevant to his search term like website development agency in Pune, best website designing agency in Pune etc..

Modified Broad type:
In modified broad type you have more control over your campaign than any other in match type. By placing a + sign in front of your keyword you can use broad match modifier.

By the use of broad modified type, you can increase the relevancy of your ad traffic. It helps to generate more targeted traffic and therefore improves click-through and conversion rates as a result. Through this way, it improves the overall traffic quality with completely eliminating the liberty of broad matching.

The modified broad match also save your time on negative keywords management since the matching is more precise. Broad match modified shows ad even if it’s a spelling mistake, synonyms, and related search. Leave your existing broad match type keyword active rather than modifying or removing them to get additional relevant clicks.

For example: So if your modified broad match was +analog dial watch. The word analog dial or some close variant would have to appear in the keyword phrase. Close variant include misspelling, singular/plural forms, abbreviation and acronyms and stemming.  So the query “analogo dial watch” or “analog dail” may also show your ad.

Negative Keywords:
Negative keyword restricts your ad from showing for irrelevant keyword & search queries. If you make mistake in this match type, it might hugely impact your ad campaign. Negative match keyword can be listed as broad, phrase or exact match only, there is no broad match modifier negative keyword.

Negative keyword ensures that the search query get matched to the most relevant keyword and as a result, the relevant ads gets shown and you get valid traffic of your ad campaign. You can designate negative keyword with a minus sign

For example Sports t-shirts if you are running an ad campaign for Cotton shirts and don’t want to show your ad for related searches like Sports t-shirts, long sleeves t-shirts then you can use this match type.

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