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When digital marketers come across the word “artificial intelligence”, they immediately think of 2015’s RankBrain algorithm which includes machine learning system capable of returning answers to users. Artificial intelligence is a generalized term that encompasses different approaches and technologies that work as per “human brain” logic. In this blog, we will introduce a few of the fascinating elements and applications of AI technology, and how it becomes an integral part of every aspect of the digital marketing landscape. Machine learning which is a type of AI technology is used widely in digital marketing scenarios. Let’s understand artificial intelligence first to get an overview of its usage in digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence:

It is defined as an area of computer science that focusses on the creation of intelligent machines that work and react as per human brain functionality. The activities of computers with artificial intelligence include are as follows:

  1. Speed Recognition
  2. Learning
  3. Planning
  4. Problem solving

Knowledge engineering is the core of artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence machine learning act like humans only if they have enough information relating to the world. Artificial intelligence should have mandatory access to objects, categories, properties, and relations between all of them.

Benefits of artificial intelligence are as follows:

Lesser Errors:
Nowadays with the gradual increase in usage of Artificial Intelligence, there will be fewer errors tracked, and every work would be done with better precision. With this approach, there will be a reduction in time spent on work and increase the required efficiency.

Daily applications:

Daily applications like GPS, voice assistants, or social media tags run on AI algorithms. AI has made life a simple cakewalk with amazingly useful algorithms making work quite easy. Increase in the use of artificial intelligence in daily applications helps in managing applications like the human brain.

In this article we will focus on impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

AI is the base for digital marketing:

Artificial intelligence includes online support interaction which is flawless owning to the fact that machines can easily predict buyer behavior and decisions. AI uses data for a future purpose to solve issues

Following are the six areas which describe the impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

  1. User experience

Greater user experience is what the audience expects for easy flow of the website. The website should always be built in such a way which attracts visitors to visit the website. This will increase the count of the website. With the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, it’s going to be easier to predict the user interaction with the website, buyer behavior, and persona, search cycles and many more. To solve customer service issues, we can introduce chatbots which will interact directly with customers at a much faster rate.

  • Return on investment

Artificial intelligence includes one important feature called “high-level image recognition”. This is a great feature for making payment processes much faster and easier. Artificial intelligence includes various solutions to security concerns or online transactions. With machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning we can collect abundant data from user behaviors and adds up to its inventory with a better database and design which is based on audience interest. Image recognition provides better decision algorithm, which brings about a great rate on investment (ROI). Machine learning is beneficial to cope with various problems.

  • Search Sessions

Search sessions, especially with search engines like Google and Bing, work quite well but they can be clumsy or confusing sometimes. With Artificial intelligence combined with Digital Marketing, search engines and search sessions will get much smarter with supervised training pattern. Artificial intelligence patterns easily track user behavior as per the algorithm and predict future web behavior and decisions. This would lead to a better keyword combination search or even showing up the recently searched items with the increasing use of sematic keywords.

This approach of creating pattern of searching words are called as semantic search.

  • Reaching right target

The focus of digital marketing is to target the right audience in the correct manner. When you own a brand, its important that user should reach the right audience who can bring value to the brand and its assets. Artificial intelligence based digital marketing makes it reach out best target audience easier as the patterns followed by AI helps in finding people based on their interests, focus, demographic situations, and other aspects. The aspects decide which group of people constitute the best audience for brand advertising. The classification of creating the right target audience is also a part of AI with digital marketing strategies.

  • Sales Forecast

The sales market is fluctuating forever, and a negative fluctuation can create too many ways for businesses. The best example to illustrate this situation is “The Great Recession of 2008”. With artificial intelligence in hand, it gets easier to predict the future trends of the market. The mandatory digital marketing trends can be implemented which saves a great deal of hassle.

  • Advertising gimmicks:

For promoting a brand, advertisements are always necessary and are considered as mandatory. Certain situations happen that people or normal users get advertisements that have nothing to do with their interest. In such a situation, it is important to include pattern recognition feature of AI. Artificial intelligence collects and analyses user data and predicts user behavior. Brands create advertisements according to their audience’s preference and interest. Following screenshot describes the online advertising brand:

Artificial intelligence is much on rising for advertisements and it is a completely promising technology which can work wonders in a vast number of fields. The implementation of digital marketing strategies makes things easier for brands and solves the customer’s problems simultaneously.

Future Impact of AI in digital marketing:

The digital marketing medium is facing years of fundamental strategic changes due to the increasing rise of technologies. Digital marketing uses SEO at maximum scale. SEO has undergone transformations to larger scale starting from the simple optimization of landing home pages of websites on the desktop computer to a more complex and ever-adapting process of existing content that meets the requirements of clients and brands of advertisements.

SEO and digital marketing include basic tools which are keyword-consistent, links and optimization of meta tags. SEO includes strategy factors like mobile search, user experience, and social media marketing.

Artificial intelligence and its associated technologies bring customers and marketers closer in the coming years. Customers or consumers should have a better understanding of a product and marketers have a better understanding of a product. In the future, artificial intelligence can be used as connecting link between consumers and marketers providing better and instant feedback. It would be interesting to see the trending patterns of digital marketing in 2018. The main features of AI which will be used on a larger scale include optimized better decision-making system and marketers which makes a better understanding of a product. In the future, both customers and brands would be on the winning side with the use of Artificial intelligence.

Digital marketing which uses Natural language generation is the process of machine system which produces articles, summaries and other contents for users. Digital marketing systems use similar natural language recognition process for producing financial reports and various strategies needed for advertising.

Digital Marketing systems can have processed in future with Natural Language Generation systems such as “Arria” which is a content generation tool which is used specializing financial reports. Automated insights create financial reports for the associated press.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms understand the human needs at a faster rate and figures out the recommendations based on feedback given by consumers. For example, on Facebook, every story on the user’s news feed for a recommendation. Netflix includes ‘recommended for you’ option. Brands include a feature of incorporation of recommended products and content to drive engagement in email newsletters. Artificial intelligence in a combination of digital marketing can revolutionize the content of emails and make user’s daily emails something to look forward. The major feature included here is pattern recognition and face recognition (image recognition) which are actually listed to look forward in the near future.

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