How To Increase Genuine Followers On Social Media?

Having followers shows how popular you are on social media. It is important to have followers but the most important thing is to have the right people following you. Followers make you a brand and everyone nowadays wants to have a maximum number of followers. You can get genuine followers by following the points mentioned below.

Professional Bio

Your Bio plays a vital role in gaining followers. Writing a catchy bio using keywords, links using “@” or “#” can get you a lot of people following your Page/Account. Bio is the introduction of your account if you write it well and describe the purpose of your account/page; it is more likely relevant people will follow you.

Content Is King

Posting great content helps you in gaining followers. Always post such content that is Original, Informative, Interesting and usable. Content acts as a generator of traffic to your accounts. People usually follow if they find your content interesting or of some use. Your content is the key to gain trust & loyalty of people. If you deliver quality content on a regular basis it makes you a brand, an authority among people and attracts more users to follow you.

Use Hashtags

A Hashtag is created by using symbol “#” in front of the word or group of words without sentence. If you use Hashtags, the word goes into the world of hashtags, where all users can see your content if they search for that particular hashtag. Basically, Hashtags helps your content to be reached to the audiences not present in your account and increases the chance of getting more followers.

Place Follow Link/Button/Widgets To Gain Followers

Research has shown that placing a follow button of providing a follow link to your page/account dramatically helps in gaining lots of users following your account/page and increases your page views. Always provide follow Link/Button/Widgets to your account/page so that other users can follow you easily. Follow buttons are the most direct way of gaining followers. Placing it at right spot or at the bottom of your content leads you to gain new users following you.

Provide Sharable Link/Button

To make sharing easier and encouraging your visitors, some kind of sharing button is must on your account/page. Sharing buttons are one of the best ways to get your content/post shared via social media, email and other online channels. Providing a sharable link gives you an added advantage of reaching to more number of users. Usually, people share contents, articles or anything which they like or feel like it’s worth sharing.


Engagement of your posts shows how interested your followers are in your content. If your content/posts aim at the engagement the chances are high that they will recommend your account/page or share your content with their friends/contacts/followers. So it is always better to post your content which is high in engagement.

Stay Active

Staying active and updating your account page is perhaps equally important. You need to share fresh contents and need to be present for your followers if they have any queries. Updated profiles and account are most likely to be shown in the search bar or engines as well.

Follow Users And Share Their Content

Following other users and sharing their posts/content will also help you in getting people following you. You can see this on Twitter mostly that people usually follow back their followers and retweets their tweets as well. This strategy works on different social media platforms as well.

Gaining followers is not at all difficult if you follow above-mentioned points. Yes, it will take some time if you compare it with the various apps and website present nowadays for gaining followers but it’s always better to get genuine people following your Page/Account instead of irrelevant people. If you follow the steps I mentioned you here, you will definitely get positive results and gain relevant people following your Page/Account safely unlike those spammy apps/software and websites.

-Ved Sharma, Covenant Solutions

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